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Roe v. Wade  July 15th, 2022
We, the undersigned Pennsylvania faith leaders and clergy, condemn the recent decision of the United States Supreme Court in striking down the landmark and precedent setting ruling of Roe v Wade. Fifty years ago, we believed that we had clarified and determined the sacred privilege of bodily... [Read More]
"Bans Off Our Bodies, Bans Off Our Beliefs"  May 19th, 2022
She was pregnant. It was a planned pregnancy, and she and her husband were overjoyed. And then, some months into her pregnancy, they discovered that the fetus had multiple abnormalities. It would likely not survive birth. It might not survive that long. And in the meantime, her health and... [Read More]
SB 956 - Pennsylvania General Assembly Letter  May 8th, 2022
May 6, 2022 To:  The Pennsylvania General Assembly Representing people of faith across Pennsylvania with hundreds of supporters, the PA Religious Coalition for Reproductive Justice is writing in strong opposition to SB 956, a bill that seeks to define the life of a child as beginning at... [Read More]
PA RCRJ is an Amicus Curiae
Our PA RCRJ is an Amicus Curiae (filed Oct. 13, 2021) in a case going before the PA Supreme Court that was filed by the Women's Law Project on behalf of all the abortion clinics in PA, suing the state for denying medical insurance coverage for abortion procedures. Click here to read the full... [Read More]
Opposition to Texas S.B. 8
As people of faith, we stand in opposition to Texas S.B. 8 and its radical abortion ban. We join with Planned Parenthood in concern for the harm this abortion ban will cause. Its damage to many Texans, particularly for Black, Latino, Indigenous people, immigrants, those with low incomes, and... [Read More]

The Pennsylvania Religious Coalition for Reproductive Justice, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit and a community partner of  the national Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice (RCRC).

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