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About Us & What We Do

The Pennsylvania Religious Coalition for Reproductive Justice:

Provides timely and accurate information to its supporters to keep them apprised of proposed legislation that might affect a woman’s ability to make decisions about her health.

Develops strategic partnerships with activists working for reproductive justice in the Commonwealth, such as Pennsylvanians for Choice and Planned Parenthood, to offer a faith-based voice to their work.

Provides educational and advocacy materials to people of faith so that they may attempt to influence decision-makers to achieve the goal of reproductive justice for all.
  • We build support by opening PA RCRJ to any person of faith, laity or clergy, who wants to join in the mission of reproductive justice for all.
  • We actively seek partnerships in an effort to learn from community groups, service providers, and advocacy networks. In turn, we offer our support as people of faith by volunteering and or serving in these organizations.
  • We take an active role in information sharing and education by serving as an educational resource to faith communities throughout Pennsylvania.
  • We advocate for reproductive justice by responding to legislation in a timely manner with legislative visits, letters to the editor, and informing our membership by 'action alerts'
  • We seek to engage other people of faith in a dialogue about our belief in reproductive justice, by actively listening and responding to them.
  • We speak out against racism, gender bias, anti-GLBT oppression (homophobia), and all categorical discrimination.
PARCRJ Board of Directors
  • Barbara Pearce, Co-President
  • Michele Hamilton, Co-President
  • James L. Cavenaugh, President Emeritus & Treasurer
  • Marsha Curry-Nixon
  • Margaret Blough
  • Rebecca Balog
Advisory Board
  • Rabbi Carl Choper
  • Osho Andrea Minick Rudolph
  • Ms.  Dorothy Fulton
  • Ms. Elizabeth Perkins
  • Rev. Beverly Dale, co-founder
  • Rev. Dr. Marvin Marsh, co-founder

The Pennsylvania Religious Coalition for Reproductive Justice, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit and a community partner of  the national Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice (RCRC).

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